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We make travel planning easy and – dare we say – delightful.

Ditch the app fatigue and store all your trip info in a single conveinent, easy-to-use app!

Finally a travel app designed and developed by actual Travelers

A labor of love that became an app…

Over a decade ago, Jim and Adelaide bonded over their shared love of travel and realized they wanted to help others accomplish their own travel dreams. So they combined their knowledge of travel planning with the talents of an incredible team of developers to create the world’s first Travel Research & Itinerary Planning (TRIP) platform!

More then a decade of laughter, tears and missed flights

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Travel Experience
Diverse Representation
Minutes Of Zoom Calls

By travelers for everyone!

We designed TripBee with your experience in mind. Everything we do is aimed at helping make sure you hit your travel goals.

You may ask…

Whats the Secret Sauce?

We believe context is everything, so instead of just providing the standard recommendations for destinations, we give you insightful, relevant information so you can get the most out of your trip!


TripBee learns what you like (and what you don’t) so our recommendations are in line with your interests, not everyone else’s.


See all your points-of-interest on the same map, quickly reference your confirmation info, manage your budget and more…  All in one dashboard!


Planning with others can be easy now! TripBee keeps all your messages in one place for easy reference, and provide fun voting features so everyone gets a say!

It’s learning!

TripBee learns from you and helps you learn from others: Use our tutorials and travel guides to get the info you need about your destination. See what other travelers have done and use their experience to fuel your inspiration!

Our fellow travelers behind the scenes…

Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

Adelaide Braddock

Can ask for a beer in 14 languages.
Drinks wine.


Let’s blaze some trails! (But really.)”

Kelly Campbell

May have actually invented the internet.  (In Kindergarten.)

Chief Technical Officer

¡La vida es mejor en bici, con amigos y con una taza de café!

Puddin Cat

Thinks poop is the funniest thing ever.
 Is correct.

Sr. Mobile Dev

“WTF?” (Where’s The Fish?)

Gary Green

Ask him about Nashville.
He’ll tell you what he can remember.

Chief Financial Officer

The best advice I ever got was from my father-in-law, who said, “have an adventure.”

Jim Manning

Has a 98% win rate on Wordle.


Designer of graphics, lover of animals, trainer of monsters, hunter of ghosts, drinker of beers.”

Alex Serret

Breaks for ghosts and Gengars.

Director of Design

I like Taco Bell and Friends. I’m the whole package, really.”

Halim Whiteley

Have you met his cat?

Chief of Innovation & Product