We make travel planning easy and – dare we say – delightful.

Our fellow travelers behind the scenes…

Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

Adelaide Braddock

Can ask for a beer in 14 languages.
Drinks wine.


¿Ya es hora de las galletas?

Puddin Cat

Is it biscuit time yet?

Sr. JavaScript Dev

“WTF?” (Where’s The Fish?)

Gary Green

Ask him about Nashville.
He’ll tell you what he can remember.

Chief Financial Officer

The best advice I ever got was from my father-in-law, who said, “have an adventure.”

Jim Manning

Has a 98% win rate on Wordle.


Will make any excuse to stop for coffee during any trip anywhere.”

Leah Prather

Can pick a bushel of crabs faster than you


Designer of graphics, lover of animals, trainer of monsters, hunter of ghosts, drinker of beers.”

Alex Serret

Breaks for ghosts and Gengars.

Director of Design

I like Taco Bell and Friends. I’m the whole package, really.”

Halim Whiteley

Have you met his cat?

Chief of Innovation & Product

By travelers for everyone!

We designed TripBee with your experience in mind. Everything we do is aimed at helping make sure you hit your travel goals.

You may ask…

Who are Jim & Adelaide

A decade ago, Jim and Adelaide, united by their love for travel, created Tripbee – the first Travel Research & Itinerary Planning (TRIP) platform. Recently, they enhanced Tripbee with a dedicated content team of writers, producers, and researchers, making it a full-service travel hub for planning, inspiration, and detailed travel content.

Innovative Platform

Tripbee is the first of its kind, offering a unique TRIP (Travel Research & Itinerary Planning) platform. This innovation simplifies travel planning.

Travel Expertise

Co-founders Jim and Adelaide have a decade-long passion for travel, ensuring reliable and informed travel planning.

Rich Content

Tripbee boasts a dedicated team producing engaging blogs, videos, and in-depth travel guides, offering a wealth of information.

User-Focused Design

The platform is tailored to meet various travel needs, from planning to execution, making it a versatile tool for travelers.

The only way to plan for fun!

What makes us different? 

The Tripbee team’s unique blend of over 150 years of collective travel experience and a genuine passion for travel innovation sets them apart, infusing the platform with real-world insights and user-centric features.

The Future Is Female!

TripBee is proudly women owned and operated.

We’re not just employees…

We didn’t create TripBee so we could travel the world together. That was just a perk.

Everyone’s excited!

And not just our customers… We love it so much, we use it too!

I don’t think we could have gotten more out of nine days covering two countries.”

Jay E.,

Kansas City, Mo

I love TripBee. I love the entire concept and I can’t wait to use it to go fishing!”

Gary Green,

CFO, TripBee

So love how personable this is! I’m rooting for the woman that is starting this app!”

Anna R.,

Berlin, Germany

TripBee has already won over one satisfied customer!”

Liyan S.,

Philadelphia, PA

TripBee is what Jim and I were born to do. We are so excited to finally share it with the world!”

Adelaide Braddock

CEO, TripBee